Cloud Ops

We take a leadership role with customers in building multi-tier and other complex environments in the Cloud. We remain on the front line and work directly in customer-facing, 24/7 production environments, and ensure customer success and satisfaction. We tackle the challenges that come with an increasing customer base, developing the automation that is needed to sustain and support the growth - focusing on scalability, security and reliability.

We manage and support installations and platform operations, as well as define and guide customers in application architecture and solutions that are deployed into public/private clouds. Provide systems administration support and automation for Unix/Windows virtual machines in the cloud. This includes managing operating system installations and patching, application installations and patching (App Servers, DB Servers), managing network and VLAN configurations, setting up VPNs and security controls, managing backup processes and environments, managing systems monitoring and alerts, and supporting customer's virtual environments.

We help our customers to provide & support scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Different operations we perform:

  • Install, configure, and manage virtual machine resources for the customer's cloud solution.
  • Configure and test security, scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery for the cloud environment.
  • Support customer's cloud servers and environments with installations, configurations, patching, network and VLAN configuration, security configuration, db and file backups, systems monitoring, and alerts.
  • Monitor and report on availability of production systems.
  • Configure site-to-site VPNs for customer environments
  • Automate operations management by developing scripts as needed

We manage 24 X 7 X 365 operations for globally delivered high availability Cloud based Applications including Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Remote Application Monitoring response. We partner with Infrastructure providers to deliver consistently on defined SLA metrics while optimizing operations cost structure. We ensure successful backup and/or replication of Customer Data in a secure manner. We contribute to, oversee, enhance and implement industry best practice security policies and procedures for Cloud Services including intrusion preventative measures, monitoring, and all guidelines for Cloud Services. We provide monitoring and management of all Cloud infrastructures. We define and report Key Performance Indicators to monitor system and process health; define and report Customer facing service metrics to Senior Management. And conduct System Outage Analysis to remediate and actively prevent the recurrence of incidents. Develop and communicate summary reports of any system outage.