About MetaApp

MetaApp as a company specializes in mobile & web app development services. We provide software solutions over the Cloud. We offer to make the client's applications cloud aware, which in turn reduces the cost of owning expensive servers, and technical support staff. Through a simple web application, our partners can control their whole mobile network. MetaApp also offers mobile device management applications which are both out of the box, and also can be tailored to the client’s needs.

Using our services, our partners have an edge over competitors as we provide them with precise tailor-made software solutions that meet their specific business requirements. We expertly employ “Agile” software development methodology to ensure timely, cost-effective, and efficient software solutions. This guarantees the cutting edge that our partners need to succeed vis-à-vis their competition.

In short we provide our clients with the best of what a SaaS can offer at very affordable cost.

We have expertise in three main areas:

  • Mobile Application Development

    Presently we specialize in and offer a full-array, end-to end services, across diverse categories such as business, utilities, and academic centric apps, amongst others.

  • Software Testing/Quality Assurance

    Software testing is one of the most important processes in software development life cycle. In order to meet in-house and our partners’ needs and requirements and to avoid functional/non-functional inconsistencies, developers have to expend ample time and​ ​resources to complete the tests. Based on advanced tools and concrete experiences, our well experienced and quality conscious testing team​,​​ ​consisting of 25+ engineers, help our​ ​development team to complete the complex testing tasks. This effort results in delivery of a quality product which in long run reduces cost for our partners.

  • Web App Development & Software-as-a-Service

    The industry is in the midst of a massive shift in how software is delivered. Under the new Service model, vendors offer software and SaaS-enabled IT services as part of an ongoing, regularly renewed contract. The maturity of the Internet, as well as major advances in software design, have positioned this long-awaited approach as the way most software and IT services will be purchased and delivered in the future. We at MetaApp pride ourselves in the depth of knowledge we have gained over the years working on this model, and the breadth of solutions that we can offer our customers.

MetaApp as a company specializes in following types of SaaS services:

  • Software components developed as a service and are deployed over the Cloud.
  • Automation of testing and deployment processes.