Cloud App Development

SaaS: Software Application Development

MetaApp as a company specializes in two types of SaaS services:

Software Solutions over the Cloud.

  • We offer to make your applications cloud aware
  • The client does not have to spend money on expensive server machines and tech staff
  • Through a simple web application they can manage their Cloud infrastructure
  • In mobile device management we provide end to end cloud based solution infrastructure
  • The software to control these services and your mobile device network

Our developed Expert Systems provides real-time, automated diagnosis and resolution of problems for mobile messaging environments using iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft® Exchange®, and Microsoft ActiveSync technologies. Using patent-pending technology the expert system proactively identifies impending email problems and quickly resolves existing ones. These solutions help the user organization to reduce complexity, cost, and resolution time for email problems.

Our Cloud Expertise:

We have experience in many cloud related technology, from cloud application development, On Premise to Cloud migration, Legacy Applications to Cloud based migration, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Cloud Infrastructure configuration, Cloud Infrastructure automation, Flexibility to deploy application on customer preferred cloud provider, Private Cloud setup inside enterprise, Private Cloud inside Public Cloud, Cloud to Enterprise Bridging. Cloud based High Availability and Fault Tolerance, Cloud Monitoring and Performance Enhancements. Easy Migration between different Cloud Hosting Providers. We are proud that the Customers who opted to outsource Cloud Application Development to MetaApp have greatly benefited from our experience.